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Getting Ready

to Sell

Let us make selling your home or property easy! We will get your home listed and make sure it is prominent in the market. 

It is our fiduciary responsibility to take care of your needs and interests above all else.

Why Do You Want to Sell?

Take some time to evaluate why you are ready to sell. Are you looking to downsize? Or are you needing more space? Are you looking to move? We are happy to help you no matter what your goal is.

Be sure that you make a list of non-negotiables including minimum sales price, move-dates, fixtures you plan to keep, budget for needed home improvements, etc. 

Two Pens on Notebook
Look at the Market

We can help you determine if now is a good time to sell and find comps that will give you a good idea of what the value of your home is now in our area. We will help you price your home competitively in our market.

Timing is key in selling a home. Picking the right time will give you an advantage in negotiating price, and ensure that you are getting the best value for your property.

Clean Neighborhood
Complete Home Improvements

By finishing home improvements on your property that better your selling position, increase your ROI, and make your home more appealing to buyers. It will also save you expensive repairs during the selling process and the headache of trying to find contractors of doing the work on a limited time frame. If there are issues that will come out during a home inspection, you will want to address them ahead of time. To see what needs to be done you can opt for a pre-inspection.

Plumber at Work
Get Paperwork in Order

Its time to be sure that you have all your paperwork on your home. This includes records of home improvements, disclosures, any liens on the home, and public records at the abstract office. 


This will also include any needed personal information affiliated with the property including making sure you have the proper permissions from other parties on the deed, divorce or marriage information, and anything else that you made need for the sale. 

Stage Your Home to Sell

You want it to be easy for buyers to picture themselves in your home and see the features that make your home unique. That means clean out the clutter, depersonalize the items in the home, pare down on toys and pets, and do a deep clean of the home. 

If possible evaluate furnishings and style the home to be as appealing as possible.

Vacuuming Couch
Market Your Home Effectively

We put together a listing that makes your house outshine the other listings in the area using quality pictures and video footage, a captivating description, and a thorough listing that is represented on numerous channels.

Pictures and digital media are crucial for getting people from looking at the listing, to getting into the home. We will schedule a time to get our content when your home is at its best.

Be Ready for Showings

As the buyers roll in they will want to see your home as soon as they can. Keep your home looking its best during the selling process so it is ready to be seen at a moments notice. If you have tenants be sure they know that showings will be taking place and give them proper notice. Open Houses are also a great opportunity to maximize your time and have as many people see your home. 

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