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The Buying Process

Here is the step-by-step process of buying so you know what to expect when you find your perfect home or property!



There will be a closing date set in your offer or their counter offer. Once the the seller receives and accepts the check and payment and you sign your closing papers it is officially your home!

Work with your Lender

Sit down with your lender and negotiate terms of your mortgage including interest rates, down payment, purchase price, and discount points. The lender will work with the title company and arrange your paperwork as well as arrange a home appraisal. 

Schedule an Inspection

Once you have entered escrow, schedule the inspection with a licensed inspector and identify issues that need to be addressed. After you have an inspection, you will have the opportunity to renegotiate if there is anything that needs to be resolved.

Put In An Offer

We will write up an offer with you with important details like purchase price, earnest money, terms, and time frames, and contingencies. They may negotiate and counter offer. When your offer is accepted you will place your "Good Faith" money/Earnest money into escrow.

Find the Property

We found a good one! Now let's take a tour of the property. After you have seen it first hand you know for sure that this is it! 

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