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Getting Ready

to Buy

Buying a home or property is an exciting and sometimes scary step in your life. 

Below are the steps to prepare for buying your new home or property.

Check Your Credit

To purchase a home or property, you need to prove that you have good credit. Good credit proves to lenders that you have a history of on time payments for past debts such as credit cards, college loans, auto loans, etc. A high credit score can make it easier to qualify for lower interest rates and can make your purchase more affordable.

Credit Karma is an excellent free tool for checking your credit history.

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Start Saving

When buying a home you will need to have money in the bank so that lenders know that you can make your mortgage payments.

You will also need money for a down payment on your purchase. 

Get Your Paperwork

One thing you will find when buying property, you are going to need a lot of documentation. Start gathering your documents early and compiling them as needed. You are going to need asset and debt info, income verification, identity information, and other documents. 

See a checklist of documents you may need. These documents may vary according to your lender. 

Signing a Contract
Consult with a Lender

Before you start looking for your home or property, consult with a lender. Your lender could be your current bank, a credit union, or a different lending company. 


They can pre-approve you for a loan or help you with what steps you need to take to improve your financial situation. They will let you know what financial documentation you will need. 

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Check Assistance Programs

There are numerous down-payment assistance programs available for buyers. There are lots of different programs that can provide assistance such as FHA or VA loan programs. 

Here is a search for finding out if you are eligible for assistance. 

Booking a Meeting
Take a Homebuying Class

A great way to buy like a pro is to learn from a pro. You can take first time homebuyer classes in Red Lodge (when available) and Billings and in some situations you are required to take the class to qualify for assistance. There are also online classes.

The Home Center-Billings

NeighborWorks Montana

Adult Education Course
Start Looking

Once you have a good idea of what you can afford, what features you want, and ideal locations, then let's schedule a meeting!

We will make start our search for your perfect property and work with you the whole way through the home buying process! 

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